Enrollment Information

Due to new procedures in place following the COVID19 virus all of our in-person enrollment will now be processed through an online only platform.


Please take a look at the attachments below to find our re-opening plan, application for enrollment and TB testing forms.


All students wishing to enroll should  submit the following:

  • Student Application found below

  • A copy of their Photo ID

  • Tuberculosis Screening form with two- step PPD/ Chest X Ray results


Students will also be required to submit a negative COVID test taken within a week of the class start date. 


These forms should be e-mailed to lindsay@ltccareertraining.com. Upon the school's reciept of your paperwork you will be contacted to leave your deposit and background check information/ fingerprint form will be sent to you.


All payments and tuition will also be processed online or by phone.

For additional information please contact us.



Enrollment Application

LTC Reopening Plan

Tuberculosis Screening Form